If, as a woman, you truly yearn to blossom in your beauty, in your love for you and the world of gentleness, grace, dignity, and all your talents, and to love and live your femininity, you are here at the right time Room arrived. I create beautiful moments and spaces for women with all my senses and my gifts, so that you can achieve this.

The essence of my life is determined by love. I am very connected with nature, with music, with dance, with yoga, with themes of women and goddesses, with feelings, with poetry and with heart touching moments.

.Liebe lets us open our eyes, only love lets us see, love gives us the eyesight, only love gives the true view (from: Radha ... wikipedia).

From my heart



Jacqueline Jaeger

Korfu (Arillas)

0030 698 202 0723